Thursday, March 19, 2015

Easy Peasy Strawberry Cake

It's inevitable. You are having guests over  and you have been working your butt off cleaning the house, grocery shopping, and making dinner. When you realize you don't have a dessert! And you barely have time to take a shower and get ready. No worries, just do what I do. Text your husband as he's walking out the door from work (men love that) and beg him to pick up the ingredients for my Easy Peasy Strawberry Cake.

Strawberry Cake

It's light and airy and takes only a few minutes to make. No baking, no cake pans, just spread and forget it! Growing up my favorite thing in all the world was strawberries (i've grown up now I like chocolate too). So for my birthday my mom would make a strawberry cake that was so delicious. For years I thought this cake was time consuming. But she shared her secret with me and I, dear readers love ya'll so much that I thought I'd share and make your lives a little easier.

Easy Peasy Strawberry Cake

Three Ingredients


1 Angel Food Cake
1 16 oz. Container of Whipped Cream
1 1 lb container of Frozen Sliced Strawberries


1. Open up your Angel Food Cake and put it on a pretty cake plate

2. Drain the strawberry juice from the container. You don't want to make the whip cream too runny. 

3. Dump the thawed strawberries  and whipped cream in a bowl. No need for daintiness here. Just Dump! You are pressed for time! Mix it up well. 

4. Slop that mixture on the angel food cake. You can make it as pretty as you can  if you want but you still have to take that shower. Hurry up!

5. If you have some fresh strawberries in the fridge garnish your cake with a few and find a place to shove the easiest cake you'll ever make in the fridge. 


A Slice of Strawberry Cake

See wasn't that easy?

You can thank me later!


  1. I'm just going to thank you in advance. That looks crazy, crazy delicious, mama!

  2. Yum! My MIL makes a similar cake to this but doesn't mix everything all together - I'm going to have to try it this way!

  3. Strawberries are everywhere right now! When they come on this is one of my favorite treats! Love how fluffy angel food cake is.

  4. Hello, strawberry season! I've been waiting for you! This is a lovely dessert. I have some girlfriends coming over soon, and I know they'd all adore a piece (or two) of this.

  5. I love strawberries they are my favorite fruit and angel food cake is my favorite cake. Thanks for the easy yummy treat.

  6. It really doesn't get any easier than that does it? I actually have a box of angel food cake mix I was going to bake tomorrow and a freezer full of strawberries and cool whip.

  7. This is my favorite kind of cake. Strawberry for the win!!

  8. YUM! That would make a great Easter dessert - especially if you are making a last minute appearance somewhere!

  9. THANK YOU!!! Oh my goodness this is such a great idea for those quick dessert alternatives for a party!

  10. I can't believe how easy this is and it looks so delicious! My sons love strawberries so I'm going to make this for them this weekend.

  11. I love strawberries. I also love easy desserts. Thank you for putting the two together!

  12. What a simple and YUMMY idea. I want to make this for me and the family.


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