Friday, May 24, 2013

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Everyone dreads getting that phone call from their child's school. In our case it's usually because one of my boys is sick, or one in particular is asleep again.  But not this time. This time I was called by the Vice Principal. 

Oh Boy!!

Seems one little boy had spit his drink on two of his friends and was disrespectful all morning. 


After a brief but stern talk to said little boy he was sent back to class. 

Two hours later the phone rings again. 


This time it was his teacher. Please come and get him. His behavior has continued and I can't do this anymore. This was 30 minutes before I was to pick him up from school anyways. 

I picked him up from school and his poor teacher looked like she was about to cry. Honestly, I have been there. I know that look. And I know those days. I really felt bad for her. 

But what does that say to my son. Was I rewarding him for behaving badly? Was I doing the right thing for picking him up early? Should he have just spent that last 30 minutes of school with the principal?

He lost privileges but he was the same way to me the rest of the afternoon. A little bit of background on him. This particular child has Moderate ADHD and other diagnosis. And we lowered his medicine in hopes of trying to figure out why he's sleeping so much during the day. 

 He has since apologized to the Vice Principal and his teachers for his behavior and is a different kid today.

Granted his behavior is unacceptable but he was in full ADHD mode and was having issues controlling it. What would you have done? Any thoughts?



  1. Oh Tiffani, these difficult situations. I think that how you handled it was just fine but you raise some great questions.

    Coming home does seem to "reward" bad behavior. You could certainly try letting him sit in the principles office for the remainder of the day IF there is another situation like this one.

    To be honest, there is no right or wrong when we are trying to be GOOD parents which you are. Consistency is always the answer. Especially with ADD or ADHD issues.

    God bless you my sweet friend.

  2. Nicola1:14 PM

    Honestly I would have done what you did ...pick him up was better for all involved my opinion sitting with the principal is not going to do much ...having him go home was best for all ...he was no longer disrupting the class and he got punished at home ....we have a kid in my sons 4th grade that has adhd and is a continual disruption because the school won't do anything even when he threw a chair at the teacher going home was what I would've done...I know this was a difficult decision but knowing what was happening with him at school would you have been comfortable leaving him there for the rest of the day


  3. You did the right thing. Sometimes they just need to be completely removed from the situation to get their bearings. I don't know much from personal experience, it's just what I've picked up from reading blogs.


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