Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How do you Fill Your Cup?

It's so easy to sing the whoa is me song when things are just not going well. Don't you love it when you ask "How's it going" and you regret saying it? It's the negative thinking that makes us all forget that "Things are always better than they seem" (Thanks to Jonathan Robbins the Pastor at Summit Church for reminding me).

Things weren't going well for us when our son was born. We had one car, not much money and a little boy with some serious medical issues. I moved to a new town where I didn't know anyone. At that time in my life I started feeling sorry for me and our situation. But I was always reminded that God is always with me. I'm not going through this alone.

Life was slowly getting better for us and now we have been blessed with three special needs kids. There are times that I lock myself in the bathroom and cry, I lose my temper and my patience runs thin. The last few months have been emotionaly hard and I find my self complaining  A LOT!!

But last weekend, I had an AHA! moment. If you want to watch to the message you can do so , here. The last few days I made it a point to see my frustrations and challenges in our lives in a different light. I'm more calm, and happy this week than I have in a long time. Granted I'm not perfect but my attitude has been much better.

Have you ever read the book "It could be Worse" by James Stevenson? Such a great story of viewing your cup as half full instead of half empty. How do you fill your cup? I hope that all of you  view your life as better than it seems not just on Thanksgiving, but everyday. You will be surprised how your outlook on life will change.

I hope that you all have safe trips and have a blessed time with your family and friends. Keep looking up! Life is always better than it seems.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. You are absolutely right... there is no greater feeling than realizing you are NOT alone.. and the HUGE weight that lifts when you start to put things in GOD's hands.. Swinging by to thank you for such a beautiful and thoughtful comment today, and truly hope you and your family had a great thanksgiving..


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