Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Road Taken

 For the last month, this is what we have been dealing with. We  are privileged to live on a corner where the DOT has decided to widen the road. 

On both sides of the corner. 


Our trash has not been picked up in weeks. 

The Smell.

Gross is all I have to say. 

Recycling ignored.

The only service we have gotten is mail. 

Everyday at 6:30am they come to work. 

Except Sundays

Am I surprised to find out that Inmates are working in my front yard, in my driveway and in my backyard? 


Am I a tad paranoid?


Somehow they have managed to cut every utility line except our electricity. 

It's coming soon. 

I can feel it. 

The road is closed here and has been for the last month. Only about six houses on this street are confined. 

Makes for a great place to play in the street without worrying about the cars coming. 

But it's a mess.

Red clay, Piles of gravel, 6ft. holes in the ground, bulldozer's everywhere. 



They are supposed to be done before school starts. 

I'm such a proud mom.

Tiger and Daddy visited the bulldozers.

Tiger is in his winter shirt , skivvies, and one red Croc and one blueCroc

It was 102 outside. 

Will I ever figure that kid out?

Probably Not.


  1. Tiff, Everytime I go by S'garden Road I think about you guys. Ugh. What a mess. Tiger is too funny. Love when our kids/grandkids pick out their own clothes. Always a treat.

    We NEED to get together. I have Cole on Friday. What do you think about doing something together?

  2. The DOT gets on my nerves. I'm glad we have roads, dont get me wrong. They take no consideration into the safeties of families when they leave their stuff laying around.

  3. I am terribly sorry to hear about your plight. I fully understand what this all means, as I have experienced such diligent public ineptitude myself. My heart goes out for you!

    Oh, by the way, that big yellow gizmo with a cylinder on the front is "A Roller" and not a bulldozer. Bulldozers are those thingamajiggies with tracks and a blade on the front. ;0)

  4. I bet you'll have a big ceremony and celebration when the work is finished and the road opens back up. I would.

  5. That would drive me insane! I hope they hurry and get it done.


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