Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Help me Organize my Craft Room!!!

For a a few months my husband and I have talked about moving the playroom upstairs and moving his office into the playroom. This would give me a sewing/craft room, and a rather large one at that. This came to fruition this past weekend.

My boys moved in together and we bought them bunkbeds. Which they are very proud of. The playroom is now upstairs and my husband has his nice office  off the living room. I have this HUGE room all to myself. And I'm loving it. But I'm not quite sure how to set it up. I'm on a very limited budget but It to be a creative and fun space for me to work.

So readers, I need you to help me out here. Take a look at my pictures and give me some ideas on how to decorate and organize this space.

                                         This is looking to the right of the door. At the moment I have all my fabric, thread, ribbons and buttons stored here. My furry assistant sleeps here as well.I'm not sure what to do here. There is a whole in the floor where our internet goes into the basement and there is one outlet over here.

Ok So I'm not the most organized person on the planet. This is my desk where I post on my blog, cut with my cricut, sew, and cut fabric. Not the prettiest desk in the world. I would like to have something smaller. I like my table I use for cutting but I don't have to use it for that. 
It was made by my hubby's grandfather.  

Yes I know the door needs a few more coates of paint. I'll get around to it eventually. If you can't read the words on the picture. That other door leads to our bedroom. It will be taken out and replaced with drywall so there will be more wall space some time soon.  The floors are 100 yrs old  and the polyurethane comes off when you roll the chairs on the floor so I need a rug.  The other door across the hall. . . is the bathroom. Nice and convenient. LOL

This is taken from the door to the hallway. There are 9' ceilings and a door to the outside (there is one more door on this side of the fireplace. Four doors in all). The fireplace doesn't work. It's coal burning but I still like it. The lighting in here is awful. It's not bright enough for me except on sunny days. So I need some good lighting but I can't put pot lights up. There is no subfloor upstairs and we wouldn't want nails or screws sticking out in the floor up their. OUCH!

All that crap is going on craigslist so it should be gone by spring.  . . maybe.   Oh and I hate that chair. It's too high and it doesn't fit under the desk or the table. 

So here's what I do in this room, I sew, make handmade cards and sell what I make on Etsy. I have two sewing machines, a Cricut Expressions, a Serger and a ton of papers, stamps, notions, etc. So what do you think? Got any ideas? I will post your ideas on friday with a link to your own site. Got pictures of your craft room? Or one that you would like to have? Post them and sign Mr. Linky. I need all the help I can get!!!!


  1. Tiff, I did that a couple years ago. give me a day or so, and I'll be back with the picture you want. it's from IKEA. I wrote this post a couple years ago so let me find it and then I'll be back to repost it.

    btw, wish I had that much space to work with. and with those windows all you need is an ott lite.

  2. Those things are so expensive! BUt I'm sure they are worth it!

  3. Nicola12:19 PM

    I am so jealous that you get your own craft room ......

  4. What a Wonderful house & room!! Looks like you have a lot of great wall space. I put up Elfa shelving sytems in all 4 bdrms, especially the craft room/office (formerly the master bdrm). It's a fantastic system, totally interchangeable. You can get the Rubbermaid versions at Lowes/Home Depot if you don't have a Container Store near where you live. Elfa systems are on sale @ 30% off every year around Dec-Jan/Feb. Elfa is the top of the line though. I have both kinds. I have found that Elfa is better. The Elfa drawers glide smoothly, everything fits together great. It's really worth the difference if you can get it. As far as I know Container Store is the only place that carries it. I save up my wish list of items until sale time & purchase everything then. Hope this helps!

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